South East Coast Art

11 -12 October

Various venues in Margate, Brighton, Folkestone and Hastings

For years artists have been lured to the coast, surrounded by great light, great studios and vast unused warehouse spaces (sound familiar South London?) The New York Times in their recent article ‘The Art Crowd Return to Kent,’ reports: ‘This coastal stretch on the North Sea has become a redoubt for tuned-in Londoners — London’s answer to New York City’s artsy satellites of Hudson and Beacon, N.Y. — aided by a new high-speed rail link and an expressway linking the British capital with Kent.’ The marriage of rich history and contemporary art makes for a fascinating journey, walk the streets of Hastings and Margate for galleries, antique shops, museums and charming seaside kitsch in abundance. SE COAST Art Map covers 4 bustling and growing creative hubs: Margate, Brighton, Hastings and Folkestone.


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