Behind the Scenes: The hidden mechanisms of design and architectural culture

10 & 11 June 2015

UCA Canterbury

This symposium questions conventional narratives of ‘greatness’, ‘genius’ and ‘the extra-ordinary’ in architecture and design by focusing on the commonplace and ordinary – the things behind the big names, well known faces and places of architectural and design history and practice.


Wednesday 10th June


10.30am: Alan Attlee and Jessica Kelly

Welcome / Introduction

 11.00am Elizabeth Darling

Jam and Architecture

 12.15 Panel 1:

Ordinary Architecture, Lesser Known Architects

 Robert Proctor –  ‘Designing the Suburban Middlebrow’: The ordinary church architecture of Reynolds and Scott

 Nazneen Ahmed – Behind the Stained Glass: Gender, Design Processes and the Crafting of Sacred Space

 Llewellyn Thomas – Timelines and Secret Messages: the work of Anthony Salvin at Scotney Castle

 1.30 Lunch

 2.30pm: Panel 2

Ordinary Places, Everyday Design

 Bill McKay and Fiona Jack – ‘By the people, For the people’: War Memorial Halls in Post-war New Zealand

 Lucia Frescaroli – Ordinary Homes and Everyday Places: evolution and perspectives of ordinary design culture in the domestic landscape

 Lesley Hoskins and Rebecca Preston – ‘Appeals to Everyone’s Taste’: Architects and other influences on the design of London’s inter-war suburban shopping parades

 3.45pm: Coffee

 4.00pm : Panel 3

Behind Contemporary Practice – Part One

 Thomas Mical – Covert Hypermodern Spaces

 Krisanne Meechao – From digital architectural presentation to an interactive design system in the built environment

 Hawra Salman – Immateriality in architecture: Exploration of the user’s spatial experience through the work of Hasan Fathy (The New Gourna)

 5.15 Finish

 Thursday 11th June

 10.30am: Coffee

 11.00am: Panel 4

Behind Contemporary Practice – Part Two

 Yahia Ali – Developing Regimes and urban representation: studying the physical and spatial transformation in the Kurdish city of Sulaymaniyah

Arian Heidari Afshari – Miniority report on Milanese Architecture and design culture of post 1960s

 Kendall Nicholson – Architectural Education

12.15: Lunch

1.30pm: Panel 5

Personalities and Networks – Part One

Zoe Hendon – Rex Silver, Design-Manager: The Silver Studio and Questions of Authorship

Harriet Cory-Wright – Sapphic Interiors: Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher

Anne Massey – Love Triangles: The hidden mechanisms of the Independent Group

Juliana Kai – Theo Crosby and the Smithsons

 3.15pm: Coffee

 3.30pm: Panel 6

Personalities and Networks – Part Two

 Alya Alphs – MoMA Exhibitions

 Ruth Lang – Constellations of Influence: the London County Council Architect’s Department (1943-65)

 Steve Parnell – Acroshaw: Forgotten, but not Forgiven

 4.45pm: Jessica Kelly – Closing Remarks

 5.15-7.00pm Drinks Reception 

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