Carsten Höller: Spend the night on a moving bed in the Hayward Gallery

10 June – 6 September

Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre

Carsten Höller: Decision is the artist’s largest survey show in the UK to date. Immersing visitors in a series of experimental environments, Höller’s interactive exhibition explores perception and decision making. To enter the exhibition visitors must choose between two different entrances, behind which lie separate routes through the first gallery. Once inside the exhibition, visitors encounter a range of situations – including the invitation to consume a pill, contents unknown – that ask them to reflect on the process of decision making.

The beds in the installation ‘Two Roaming Beds (Grey)’ are programmed to move around in relation to each other at a leisurely pace of 0.7 metres a minute, so you won’t be whizzing around while you snooze but you will probably wake up in a different part of the exhibition to where you went to sleep. Spooky.

You can book a bed for one or two people Monday–Saturday for the duration of the exhibition.

02 Carsten Höller, Two Roaming Beds (Grey) CREDIT David Levene


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