Women working collectively, what is your value?

9 July 2015



The Temporary Separatists (Rose Gibbs and Sofia Landström) present a panel discussion as part of ICA Talks series Artists, what is your value?  Chaired by The Temporary Separatists, speakers include Angela Dimitrakaki, Catherine Elwes, Margaret Harrison and Johanna Gustavsson.

With a focus on collectives that are rooted both in gender (eg. women) as distinct from biological sex (eg. female) and in place, this discussion considers whether women’s artist collectives can provide a resistance to the atomising individualism of neoliberal capitalism that is at the heart of current global art markets.

The panel rethink what artistic practice is and can be, where women’s collectives make a space not to recreate or infiltrate patriarchal hierarchies, but circumnavigate them.

The Stepney Sisters performing at the Women's Free Art Alliance on the occasion of their exhibition, 14th Feb 1975, King Henry's Road, London. Photograph: Gabriella Grasso

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