Turbine Festival Cinema

Saturday 25 July

Tate Modern


Turbine Festival Cinema in collaboration with London Short Film Festival presents three programmes of short films: Experiments, Sound & Vision and Animated Images.

Experiments features work that pushes boundaries in cinematic expression, as filmmakers work with abstract images or differing formats. Sound & Vision looks at the link between music and film with a series of shorts that are not exclusively music videos, but where this marriage can inform traditions of the music promo genre. Animated Images shows us a varied selection of animation using models, drawn and computer generated in a variety of genres from drama to documentary to something more abstract. Filmmakers across the three programmes include David Leister, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Stuart Pound and Charlotte Ginsborg, as well as work from the Royal College of Art and Channel Four’s Random Acts.

Films will be played throughout the afternoon on a loop.

Turbine Festival Cinema with London Short Film Festival

Image: Chris Ullens, Hey Now; Jessica Ashman, The Cycle; Anna Maguire and Claire Pepper,Trigonometry; Yoav Segal, Cro


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