Yto Barrada: Faux GuidePace Gallery

Until 8 August

Pace Gallery

Faux Guide extends the exploration of palaeontology, museology and natural history in Morocco that Barrada launched in her Abraaj Group Art Prize show during Art Dubai and coincides with Salon Marocain, a solo exhibition of her work at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, on view through 20 September.

In Autumn 2015, in conjunction with the exhibition, A Guide to Fossils for Forgers and Foreigners will be published: a catalogue of Barrada’s new work and a patchwork of texts written and selected by the artist, which considers patrimony and shifting definitions of authenticity, with her trademark humour, subtlety and wit.

The arid region between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert—once the floor of an ancient ocean—has become an El Dorado for fossil discoveries and exploitation. This gold rush gave birth to a pyramid-shaped industry of motivated professionals, from the autodidact fossil hunter parsing rocks on a mountainside; to “preparators” who use dental tools to expose the ancient specimens; to rock-shop operators, wholesalers, auction houses, decorators and paleontologists.


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