Embeddedness: Artist Films And Videos from Korea 1960s to Now

18 & 19 September 2015

Tate Modern


The first survey in the UK of Korean artists’ films and videos attempts to unwrap the particularity of experimental film and artist moving-image making over five decades from 1960s until now. The series focus on the ways in which artists in South Korea have addressed the intrinsic conditions of cinema – namely duration and the collective viewing experience – and the changing social and political context that have defined the ways artists have been able to work. These screenings will attempt to map the continuities across various generations and the crucial role of artists organisations from the pioneering group AG and work of founding member Ku-lim Kim in the 1960s to the ongoing activities of the EXiS festival that have supported artists practice with film and video in Korea.

Curated by Hangjun Lee (EXiS), with Hyun Jin Cho (KCCUK) and George Clark (Tate Modern).

Organised in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre UK, EXiS and supported by LUX.

Kim Ku-lim Leaflet for The Meaning of 1/24 Second 1969

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