Chalk Up

Chalk Up is a one-year programme in Dover District that is bringing culture and tourism together. Led by Dover Arts Development (DAD) excellence is at the heart of Chalk Up’s projects and there is an exciting series of events to look out for:

Joined Up Exhibition. Ten artists are each allocated one of Dover’s museums and heritage sites where they research and re-interpret historical artefacts relating to World War One.

Weathertime. For this cross-channel project, selected artists in England, France and Belgium create a visual diary of the weather across the ‘maritory’ of the Straits of Dover during a 30 day period.

Gateway to the White Cliffs of Dover. An exciting commission to create a work of art to transform the entrance to the path up to Dover’s iconic cliffs from Dover town.

Fan Bay Shelter Tunnels art events in the recently uncovered Fan Bay tunnels include drawing workshops and an artist-led night tour.

Land & Sea Exhibition of rarely seen paintings on loan from the Port of Dover in the Royal Cinq Ports Yacht Club

Culture meets tourism events. Events where artists and arts organisations meet representatives from tourism businesses to exchange ideas of how the two industries can work together to create arts projects of excellence to help drive the economy of Dover District.

Chalk Up welcomes partners in both the cultural and tourism sectors. If you would like to know more about Chalk Up and are interested in a possible partnership please get in touch.


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