17 – 25 September 2015

Rough Print Gallery, North London


Rough Print is a new contemporary Analogue gallery hosted by White Rabbit Restaurant in conjunction with The North London Darkroom. It aims to find, nurture and promote exceptional emerging photographers as well as showcase established ones. Rough Print is taking part in Photomonth, the East London International Photography Festival and will host weekly shows with events every Thursday night from October 2015 onwards.

Ivan Sutherland is the first of many photographers whom will be exhibiting at Rough print. We open with his show Barbers & Hair Salons of Dalston.

What most interests Ivan is photographing people in their environments, as he finds the influence of people on their surroundings, and the reverse, very appealing to explore.

The objective of this new project is to gain an insight into these intimate spaces with their very specific rituals, equipment, cultures, languages and perspectives. According to Ivan; ‘There is a vulnerability exposed when someones sits down for a hair cut that makes the subject not fascinating and challenging.’

DSC_2165 crop (1)


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