Call for proposals

Fegans exists to bring hope to the lives of children, families and communities in towns across the UK. They do this through life transforming counselling, family restorative support, providing safe environments for at risk children and their parents and building communities through culture changing programs.

Fegans have recently secure funding for the improvement and setting up of a Centre in Newington, Thanet. Quite naturally, they wish to ensure that as much of the funding as possible is used for their core activities to directly benefit the children and families.

A number of businesses and sponsors have contributed towards the programme of development for the Centre, and Fegans are looking for an artist or artists to devise a piece of permanent art within the building to incorporate an acknowledgement of the contributions offered. The piece of artwork will be featured prominently in the new public centre so their artwork and name will be seen and appreciated by many.

Fegans acknowledge that the proposal may have to include some expenses and material costs, but proposals should attempt to minimise the cost of the project so that funds are directed toward the beneficiaries of Fegans work.

You can read more about Fegans work online at

Enquiries may be directed to Annmarie Fisher at Fegans 01892 538288 or email

An artist's impression of Fegans' new family centre in Thanet


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