Ben Rivers Earth Needs More Magicians

26 September – 29 November

Camden Arts Centre

This solo exhibition brings several of Ben Rivers’ works into dialogue with one another, including previous seminal pieces and new films which have been made this year.

Rivers’ practice as a filmmaker treads a line between documentary and fiction. Often following and filming subjects who have in some way separated themselves from society, he creates oblique narratives, imagining alternative existences in marginal worlds. Rivers uses near-antique cameras and hand develops the 16mm film, resulting in films which show evidence of the elements they have been exposed to. The materiality of the medium forms part of the narrative.

For his exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, Rivers produced two major new film works: the first is developed from a recent trip to the remote sub-tropical island of Tanna in the South Pacific, whose ecosystem has, since his film documentation, been irrevocably devastated by Cyclone Pam; the second a portrait of painter Rose Wylie at work in her studio, reflecting the meeting of two artists and their creative processes.

Ben Rivers, Earth Needs More Magicians, installation view, Camden Arts Centre, 2015. Photo: Valerie Bennett


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