AUTHOR TALK: Professor Janet Sayers

Wednesday 28th October 18:30

Brownlee & Ivy cafe – Waterstone’s , 20 St Margaret’s Street, Canterbury, CT1 2TH

Adrian Stokes helped to make the world we live in, especially the mental landscape we all troll around in. He inspired poems by Auden, went to the movies with Yeats, holidayed with Aldous Huxley, played tennis with Ezra Pound, lunched with Evelyn Waugh and Robert Byron, travelled with the Sitwells, was published by TS Eliot at Faber, and co-founded the St Ives artistic community. His own paintings are in the Tate.

Sayer’s book evokes the rackety bisexual bohemian world and the pioneering spirit of its principal actors. This is the era of Picasso, Freud, Eliot and the Bloomsbury group, a generation chastened by the Great War – in which Stokes lost his brother – and determined to eschew any form of pastiche or bourgeois servility.



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