Whitstable Biennale- Call for Proposals 2016


Whitstable Biennale is a festival of contemporary visual art. WB commission ambitious and experimental work, focusing on film and performance. WB are inviting proposals for a new work to be part of the programme of our next festival, which will be held in June 2016.

The curators will select one work from this open call. The artist will receive a budget of £1000, inclusive of fees and materials. We will provide equipment and installation support (within reason!). Proposals must realistically reflect this budget.

There is no fixed format for proposals. The festival will take place over ten consecutive days in June 2016. Works include one-off performances and screenings, together with installations and exhibitions that are open throughout the festival. Have a look at our developing online archive to see the type of work we have commissioned in the past. Artists previously selected from the open call include  Louisa Martin and Rachel Reupke.

Proposals can be for fully developed projects that haven’t been shown before, but we are also keen to see early ideas, still in development. We don’t have many traditional venues, so ideas need to be adaptable (we have access to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces) or specifically planned with knowledge of Whitstable.

Louisa Martin, The Lighthouse Scenes 1 and 2. Photograph by Bernard G Mills

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