Something Between Us

14th – 28th November 2015

Canterbury UCA Library

Adam De Ville’s installation explores our relationship with the physical book and the library space.

Something has awoken in the library, something off the shelf, something made of fiction or non fiction, something from the travel section maybe (just next to Post Romantic Constructivism and Neo Classical Body Art), something full of dust, a bit square, something of a page turner…or not.

How might a book’s shape, weight, smell, texture, and where it is read affect our experience of the text as we flick through multiple adventures, golden nuggets of information and adopted identities? And how much does the physical book reflect the changing world around it? Is its physical form still relevant? Do you have a book with a bit of a character? Which ones are your true friends and which ones are your enemies?

‘What happens in book club, stays in book club’. One of the Big Books, shelf three, isle four.

And what about the library space? That strange twilight zone where chance encounters between the other you’s (and them’s) might take place between the tenement like isles, in secret, in public. Ever felt like you were browsing in some kind of slow motion deconstructed Busby Berkeley routine?

Welcome to the library of unspoken possibilities.



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