Alastair Mackie – Selected Works

until Saturday 30th January

Sydney Cooper Centre

Alastair Mackie’s practice explores states of being, often disrupting the order of nature’s processes into new systems which reference both the natural and unnatural worlds and their meeting points. This exhibition survey’s five key works from the artist’s recent practice showcasing Mackie’s seminal 2011 Copse installation, an alluring and uncanny plantation of pine trees, trimmed and positioned on turned ends throughout the gallery space. Alongside this sit House, 2008 a haunting facsimile of a dolls house fabricated from reconstituted wasps nests to his more recent 2014 Canopy and 2015 Mud Form sculptures. In his work is a richness in methodology and ambiguity which positions Alastair Mackie as one of the most interesting sculptors practicing in the UK today. The Sidney Cooper Gallery is closed from Thursday 24th December for the Christmas break and reopens on Tuesday 5th January.



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