Bulletins of The Serving Library #10: *TEST*


The Serving Library diagrams a reversible, looping principle: it is an archive that publishes and a publisher that archives. It consists of: 1. an ambitious public website; 2. a collection of books and objects in an itinerant physical space; 3. a publishing program that runs through #1 and #2.

Issue 10 features Bruce Sterling’s “The Life And Death Of Media,” a proposal for a list of outdated formats delivered emphatically via flying floppy disk; Angie Keefer’s “Why Bother,” an analytic philosopher analyzed by an irrational reader; Bruno Latour’s “How To Do Words With Things,” two-sided keys that open one-way doors & other linguistic quagmires drained; Rob Giampietro’s “L, I, F, E,” molecular poetry from ABC to IBM to 123 to DNA to ETA to GOD; Isla Leaver-Yap’s “We Have a Topic!”—how high-minded TV talk show “Ende Offen” became open-ended; Stuart Bailey’s “Hardy Perennials” on an arrogant pair compared (The New Yorker & J.D. Salinger); David Reinfurt’s “c. 1962,” regarding Bruno Munari, Olivetti, and the birth of Programmed Art; Paul Elliman’s “Detroit As Refrain,” an account of an unrealized meeting to discuss unrealized possibilities with the daughter of the father of synthesized speech; and Leila Peacock’s “Quiet Eyes, Magic Guts,” starring The Viking, The Dazzler and other darts players thrown by bad gags from a legendary commentator.


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