24 March – 30 April 2016

Kristin Hjellgjerde, London

‘Faces peer out at you, some gazing directly, making eye contact, others coyly looking away. There are doleful faces, expressive faces, cheeky, slightly bemused faces – stark lines outlining even starker under-eye bags, laugh lines around mouths, worried furrows on foreheads. Dimples, wrinkles, they’re all there in the indelible lines of woodcuts – expressions very literally graven into faces. These figures – who are they? They could be you, they could be me, they could be the lady waiting for the bus down the street or the boy sitting at the desk opposite you – all that is sure is that they are surrounded by swirls of infinitesimal text, blocks of colour in bright primary hues, teeny tiny floating chairs and geometric explosions of pure shape and form. Kristin Hjellegjerde is pleased to announce LIFE VS TIME, a solo exhibition of new works by Ethiopian artist Ephrem Solomon, who observes and presents socio-political investigations through woodcut and mixed media.’



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