Flesh Cinema: The Sexually Explicit American Avant-Garde

20 April 2016



‘In the early 1960s, American experimental filmmakers turned their attention to representing the body in all of its out-of-control intensities. Working in a film culture in which explicit images were legally prohibited, a group of affiliated friends and artists nonetheless created innovative methods of representing corporeal excess. In this program, we look at three groundbreaking films from the 1960s that reinvented film language in order to represent sexual ecstasy, queer intimacy, and subjective unraveling: Barbara Rubin’sChristmas on Earth (1963), Carolee Schneemann’s Fuses (1964-1967), and Paul Sharits’s Piece Mandala/ End War (1966).  In the lecture that follows, Ara Osterweil will discuss the ways in which these films transformed the representation of identity and sexuality in American visual culture.’


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