Catching the Light & RCA Fulldome Screenings

Wednesday 27 July – Saturday 27 August

Sidney Cooper Gallery

‘Catching the Light’ explores artists’ fascination with light, how it is used as a material to preserve the essence of place, time and experience, evoking feelings such as nostalgia, wonder and otherness. This exhibition sets to survey light as medium in the practice of ten contemporary artists, employing a range of media from video based work, to pinhole photography, sculpture and camera obscura.

RCA Fulldome Research Group are showing a selection of recent films in a four meter inflatable dome space. Fulldome screenings will be scheduled every day throught the Catching the Light exhibition.
Screenings last aproximately 10 mins
Audience numbers are limited, so please speak to one of the Fulldome Group who are situated in the back of the gallery.
Fulldome Screening Sessions:
11:30 am Screening 01:
FDRG Showreel
Sonar- Kelly Spanou
Artificial Day Rhythm- Daria Jelonek
1.30pm Screening 02
Lucent Matter- Rose Leahy, Kim Yip Tong and Sylvana Lautier
Hyperspace 2- Robert Walker
The Light of Home- Michaela French
3.30pm – Screening 03
RhyThm Walk – Anna Dakin
Visions of Paradise – Kelly Spanou
Disorder – Perry-James Sugden





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