Gwangju Folly III: Folly & Everyday Life—Taste And Beauty

1 December 2016

Republic of Korea

“With the follies at Parc de la Villette, architect Bernard Tschumi played with the ambivalent notions that have the same pronunciation; “folly,” as those strange structures and “folie,” as in that for “lunatic,” trying to go beyond the limitations of the existing urban context. In other words, folly in its modern terms is an unstructured mechanism that pushes the boundaries of the structuralized urban environment where it is situated. This is also the reason why Gwangju is focusing on folly as an alternative space to communicate with the public while overcoming the constraints of the existing city. In order to go further beyond the city’s history and foster accessibility while succeeding the fruits of the previous Gwangju Folly I and II in a productive manner, we chose everyday life in the city as the key concept of the new folly project. It is also the cross point where the abstract and the truth in urban experiences meet each other. Through Gwangju Folly, we will shed light on the social process of creating a space and bring up the universal issue of “taste and beauty” among those many things one may experience during a trip. Gwangju Folly III will function as an urban device for revitalization that envisions the future of Gwangju through four follies including View Folly, GD (Gwangju Dutch) Folly, Cook Folly and Fun Pun Folly as well as Mini Folly. Symbolically connected to and interacting with each other, they will serve as urban follies offering unusual experiences of a place where the everydayness and the unexpectedness intersect. Briefly, we would like to design action verbs to experience the city while making Gwangju Folly III: to see, to walk, to eat and to play.”



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