until 1 January 2017

The Gallery of Everything, London



The inaugural exhibition takes its name from the seminal tv series, journeys into the outside (channel 4, 1998) by filmmaker martin wallace and musician and broadcaster jarvis cocker: a long-time fan of all things counter-cultural and a proud advocate for those who were once only dismissed as outsider artists. Together, these two pioneers invited british viewers to explore some of the worlds most astonishing art environments.

Artists include the indian landscape architect nek chand saini (1924-2015), the french multi-disciplinary recluse chomo (1907-1999), the graphic visionary st eom (1908-1986), the retired priest and hermit abbé fouré (1839–1910), the german carpenter karl friedrich junker (1850-1912), the self-ordained minister and house-painter wc rice (1930-2004), and the all-american preacher howard finster (1916-2001) whose divinely- inspired artwork was made famous by talking heads.



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