CALL FOR PROPOSALS- Signal Effects: Digital Ecologies and the Anthropocene

Friday 28 April 2017

Bath Spa University

Deadline: Friday 24th February 2017.

Call for submissions from researchers, artists, filmmakers, writers and theorists whose work connects with the overall themes and strands of the symposium.
In August 2016 the International Geological Congress declared that a new geological epoch known as the Anthropocene needs to be declared due to the fact that the human impact on the earth is now so profound. Timothy Morton uses the term ‘hyperobjects’ to discuss some of the characteristics of the anthropocene and why it is often invisible to the human: he notes that hyperobjects are ‘so massively distributed in time, space and dimensionality’ that they defy our perception, let alone our comprehension, therefore the condition of the anthropocene is easily ignored. Among the examples Morton gives are climate change and radioactive plutonium. ‘In one sense [hyperobjects] are abstractions,’ he notes, ‘in another they are ferociously, catastrophically real.’
Please send proposals (300 words approx.) for all papers, artworks or screenings – outlining their aim and form – along with a short biography to the symposium coordinator: Charlie Tweed

Image result for Anthropocene

Image: Mopic


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