Watching You, Watching Me: A Photographic Response to Surveillance & The Field has Eyes: Images of the Surveillant Gaze

17 February – 2 July 2017

Kunstbibliothek, Berlin

Watching You, Watching Me

What right do governments, corporations, and individuals have to collect and retain information on your daily communications? What tools – both today and in the past – have been used to monitor your activities? What are the immediate and far-reaching effects? As governments and corporations around the world expand their efforts to track the communications and activities of millions of people, this not only threatens our right to privacy, but also opens the door for information to be collected and used in ways that are repressive, discriminatory, and chill freedom of speech and expression.


The Field has Eyes

Surveillance is not only a current topic, but also a historic phenomenon. This exhibition turns to history and addresses the particular sense of unease that surveillance has always caused, whether it was religiously or politically motivated. The title of the exhibition is based on an anonymous woodcut from 1546. This image sends a warning message from the distant past, “Beware, you are seen and heard!”


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