Research Student Conference – Somatic Shifts: The Body and Beyond in Creative and Critical Research

29 March

UCA Rochester

The ethos of this conference centres on the negotiation between the body and the world outside of it. UCA doctoral students, with a variety of methods, and practices, have been selected to share their work, and postulate new directions of knowledge with creative fields.

The Keynote speaker will be Simon O’Sullivan, Professor of Art Theory and Practice, Goldsmiths College. His collaborative practice, Plastique Fantastique, has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. O’Sullivan has also written extensively on Delezue and Guatarri.
Student Presentation Titles:

Chris Day – Feeling My Way
Mike Halpin – The body as an instrument in the placemaking process
Lynn Hamilton – When the body goes to war
Jennie Jewitt Harris – “Anything but the Eyes”
Denise Jones – Silently Passing Between
Veerapong Klangpremjit – Designing for better patient experience
Jo Lovelock – Self or Other
Ezinma Mbonu – Garments as transitional objects within a care home setting
Chantal Riekel – Scars of non-belonging in German film archives

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