Transfashional Lab

9 February – 4 April 2017

Austrian Cultural Forum

Featuring artists and designers from Austria, Poland and the UK the exhibition explores the ways in which art and fashion can shape new positions and contribute to current social, economic, cultural and environmental debates. The pieces on display are more than just wearable and functional items; they can be seen as tools for reflection, experimentation and self-expression.

Film Still by Lara Torres, 2015

Image: Film Still by Lara Torres, 2015

One comment

  1. Transfashionable? Meaning that which meshes with the landscape? A sort of contextual design? Please enlighten me.

    I (forgive the personal pronoun) am concerned with the tension between design (pragmatic, commercial, functional) and “statement art” (art that by definition does not serve a functional purpose aside from its semiotic message). See “Introduction to Repainting on the WordPress site Mikealixonline.wordpress.

    I will try to read your article again, carefully.


    Michel René Alix

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