Skip Gallery

SKIP Gallery concept is created by Catherine Borowski and Lee Baker, two London based artists and creatives whose idea was to take the mundane, the everyday and everyplace and to reimagine it as the creative, the arresting and the inspirational.

 Skips are part of our everyday lives, providing the means with which we voraciously dismantle and renew our urban environment. They are so prevalent that we barely notice them. Yet they are imbued with the ideas of memory and discard. They represent that which we want to jettison, to forget about. There is a profound irony in the creation of artistic works, housed in a skip.

 SKIP Gallery will not merely be a space to show work. Creatives will be asked to produce site specific pieces in a specially modified 8 yard skip, which will be installed in locations across London. Utilising the limitations or manipulating the skip’s size, shape, position, weight, material, colour etc the space will act as a disruptive environment to inspire discourse. This is a new type of mobile arts space, presenting an alternative to the conventional routes to art, for both artists and viewers. There will be four SKIP Gallery shows this year, with the gallery popping up all around London and the UK.

Skip gallery

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