October: The Russian Revolution and Revolutionary History

12 May 2017

Tate Modern


Award-winning fiction writer China Miéville leads a discussion on the portents and possibilities of revolution

China Miéville’s new book October: The Story of the Russian Revolution opens a window onto a century of revolution. The Russian Revolution was a blast in the continuum of history that gave way to huge political and social transformations, introducing extraordinary change from radical aesthetics to a new Soviet calendar. The award-winning author is joined by Esther Leslie, Professor in Political Aesthetics at Birkbeck, and Owen Hatherley, author of The Ministry of Nostalgia and Landscapes of Communism, to explore the revolutionary concept of history as theorised by Walter Benjamin, speculative storytelling and what the Russian Revolution might tell us about contemporary moments of crisis.

10. New Man 1923 by El Lissitzky 1890-1941

Image: El Lissitzky, 10. New Man 1923, Tate



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