Canterbury Squared

Squared tells the story of this remarkable city in an abstract way as it takes a closer look within Canterbury’s historic City Wall.

Frankie and Friends, a local photography studio are working on a fine art photography project over the summer called “Canterbury Squared”; a unique piece of artwork that is being produced right on your doorstep. This project is a new way of looking Canterbury which captures details that most of us simply ignore. Each street in Canterbury will be represented by a set of squares of abstract patterns, textures and colours, put together in a 3×3 grid.

Alone the squares are meaningless, but together they should represent the street in a way that feels familiar and ‘right’ to people who know those streets well enough.

The final output of this project will be a book with one page per street of all of Canterbury within the city walls. There are a wide range of local book sellers interested in stocking the book and 100% of the profits from the book sales in the shops will go to Demelza Children’s Hospice.



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