Additive/Subtractive, Rory Strudwick – Exhibition – CRATE, Margate

1 – 7 February 2020
Preview: Saturday 1 February 6 – 8pm
Open: Sun – Fri 12 – 4pm

CRATE, Margate

‘We encounter colour constantly throughout our lives. We see it the second we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. Colour leads us to awe at sunsets and marvel at the deep blue, but within the arts, colour can be seen as a slight afterthought. I aim to put colour first, within a process of looking to simplify ideas at their core, to basic colour interactions.
With the photographs taking place in a small contained space, properties of the additive wheel on the subtractive wheel develop through smooth but staggered gradations of colour. The relationships that arise show how colours behave. The contact made between hues across soft and hard boarders show complimentary mixes shaped through illusionary properties of additive on pigment.
Between digital and analogue prints of colours a call and response of sorts is formed. This cements an understanding of how colours might perform when varyingly mixed and composed proportionally.
Colour gives me a naïve sense of limitless fascination. With my exploration of additive and subtractive colour relations I aim to intrigue the viewer similarly.’

– Rory Strudwick


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