A Woman Is A Woman – Screening – Preston Community Library

Hong Kong|2018|93 min|Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitle

Preston Community Library
Saturday 1 February

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To celebrate LGBT+ History Month this February, Preston Community Library is collaborating with Queer East Film Festival and The Hidden Voice Film Festival to bring a special film screening, “A Woman is A Woman” (Hong Kong, 2018, cert. 15), which is considered one of the most ground-breaking films about transgender characters from Hong Kong and the first feature film production in Hong Kong where women occupy all the key production roles.

The story follows two transwomen, one going through puberty and the other midway through her life, who both crave integration and acceptance in a hostile environment.

Film Trailer: https://youtu.be/pX26oXd59Fs

Starring: Amanda Lee, Tomo Kelly, Buber Mak, Koyi Mak and Sunny Tang

Director: Maisy Goosy Suen

Screenwriter: Jackie Wong

Producer: Mimi Wong


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